Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Episode 44: Ghostbusters II (with guest host Courtney Coulson!)

Who you gonna call? Young pop culture aficionado Courtney Coulson, that's who! My guest host strapped on the ol' proton pack and we snared Ed Naha's spooky novelization of the not-so-popular Ghostbusters II! I hear it likes the girls!

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I ain't afraid of no guest host!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

TEASER for episode 44!

Well we did the unthinkable, and our (possibly) last teaser mini episode ever has been awkwardly captured on video! Watch below to find out which novelization we're reading and to see my suitably attired guest host! Watch it on youtube to see it as a reasonable size - this site was clearly not set up for video!

In the future, the teaser will most probably be incorporated into the end of the full episode, but this was an interesting experiment to say the least!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Episode 43: Judge Dredd (with guest host Suzanne!)

Well if you missed yesterday's teaser episode, you're going to be super confused! For the moment, at least, The Book Was Better has gone weekly! That means here's a brand new full episode ready and raring to go!

Today I'm joined by my partner, Suzanne, who suffers through the film, book, and my commentary of Sylvester Stallone's epic sci-fi crapfest: JUDGE DREDD! (The terrible 1995 version). Not quite terrible enough, you say? Did I mention it has Rob Schneider in it? Yes. We read a book. About Rob Schneider. I sentence you to 70 minutes of hard listening. I AM THE LAW!

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And thanks to our good pal Ian for sending the book!

Monday, May 20, 2013


This teaser episode is a day early? Why? Because change is afoot and I have a very special announcement (no Jess isn't coming back... yet... so don't get too excited). But this is something you will need to hear with your OWN TWO EARS! Definitely don't use someone else's.

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Episode 42: New York Minute (with guest host McNally!)

Episode 42 is our long-awaited, all-mighty, massive globe-spanning, star-spangled extravaganza! After many, many months of poking fun at the culture of our American friends, a real-life American listener, the indomitable McNally, joins me over skype to read the All-American favourite New York Minute, based on the movie starring twin spider monkeys Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen! A bald eagle cries! A dingo howls! It’s the U.S. versus Australia in perhaps our most significant episode yet! Miss this and you’re a communist!

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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Episode 42 TEASER!

In this week's mini teaser episode I finally reveal the great guest host crossover event I've been teasing for a while. Two world super powers will clash annoyingly as we tackle one of our most ridiculous movie novelizations yet! Brace yourself!

Download here! (Click to stream or right click to save).