Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Episode 29 : Alien Resurrection

This week we make our triumphant return to the Alien franchise with the book of a movie that you hate but we love! What happens when Joss "Avengers" Whedon teams up with Jean-Pierre "Amelie" Jeunet when filtered through the blood-thirsty gaze of author A.C. Crispin? Gory, crazy mayhem that will make you think twice about having children!

Download here (Click to stream, right-click to save).

Hosts: Jessica McLeod and Luke Milton


  1. I still want my $4.50 back from Young Einstein in 1988. Thanks for nothing

  2. I am shocked you guys didn't touch on this:

    A novelization of (Alien 3) was authored by Alan Dean Foster. His adaptation includes many scenes that were cut from the final film, some of which later reappeared in the Assembly Cut. Foster wanted his adaptation to differ from the film's script, which he disliked, but Walter Hill declared he should not alter the storyline. Foster later commented: "So out went my carefully constructed motivations for all the principal prisoners, my preserving the life of Newt (her killing in the film is an obscenity) and much else. Embittered by this experience, that's why I turned down Resurrection."

  3. Joss "Avengers" Whedon?? Avengers is pretty much the last thing I think about when I think Joss Whedon.

    1. Whoops! I wish I'd been focused on what YOU think!