Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Episode 28 TEASER!

Oh boy. This film is a famous trainwreck and the book is no better. Well, it's shorter.

Join us for some fascinating insight into the novelization industry, as well as feedback and of course the answer to your question: which terrible, horrible film am I supposed to be watching this week?

Download here (Click to stream, right-click to save).

Hosts: Jessica McLeod and Luke Milton


  1. McNally here,

    Luke if you need me to be your unpaid intern and read to you until you fall asleep every night I volunteer.

    If they have unpaid interns reading the books what is stopping the interns from really messing up the books. Either by allowing terrible parts though or adding some?

    1. I think we've seen constant evidence that they DO mess it up!

      Thanks for volunteering! See you 9am Monday with your richest, deepest voice.