Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Episode 17: Jurassic Park!

THE BOOK OF THE MOVIE OF THE BOOK. The dinosaur is eating its own tail! But will the junior novelization get across the majestic herds of CGI creatures, the heart-pounding intensity of the action, and the understated Spielbergian brilliance of the imminent T-rex attack? No, of course not.

Download here (Click to stream, right-click to save).

Hosts: Jessica McLeod and Luke Milton


  1. I definitely owned this one. Along with every other bit of Jurassic Park merch I could con my parents into buying.

  2. You guys didn't say whether the book really was better on this episode! So we got curious about the past episodes. Here's a summary of the episodes and whether the book really was better for the first 17 episodes:

    Ep 01 | J: book | L: book | Over The Top
    Ep 02 | J: film | L: film | The Dark Knight: Junior
    Ep 03 | J: book | L: book | The Day After Tomorrow
    Ep 04 | J: ?? | L: ?? | High School Musical
    Ep 05 | J: film | L: film | Species
    Ep 06 | J: book? | L: ?? | Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    Ep 07 | J: book | L: film | Fantastic Four: Junior
    Ep 08 | J: book | L: book | Crossroads
    Ep 09 | J: book | L: book* | Flubber
    Ep 10 | J: ?? | L: film | Back To The Future
    Ep 11 | J: film | L: film** | Alien
    Ep 12 | J: book | L: film | The Smurfs
    Ep 13 | J: book | L: trailer* | Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium
    Ep 14 | J: film | L: ?? | Stargate
    Ep 15 | J: book | L: film | Space Jam
    Ep 16 | J: book | L: film | Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
    Ep 17 | J: ?? | L: ?? | Jurassic Park

    ?? not specified
    * didn't watch the film
    ** watched the film on fast forward

  3. Just to add to Lizzy's stats, I've created some very basic pie charts showing how many times the book has indeed been better - interestingly, Jessica has chosen the book more than twice as many times as Luke. Also, Luke hasn't chosen the book since 'Flubber' (although that was kind of by default, as he didn't watch the film.

    The graphs are here, since Blogger comments won't allow img tags: http://www.flickr.com/photos/campoalto/sets/72157629755778452/

    Where Lizzy hasn't been sure about the result (e.g. Ep 06), I've counted it as 'unknown', and I've also treated film and trailer as separate choices.

    Looking forward to Episode 18!

  4. You guys are a) the BEST and b) INSANE.