Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Episode 14: Stargate!

Stargate: decent 90s sci-fi flick or godawful desert slog? Whether you side with Jessica or Luke, you'll surely agree that the novelisation is a nightmare. Let us fill you in on some details that didn't make it into the movie, including molesting mastadges and a crucifixion scene!

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Hosts: Jessica McLeod and Luke Milton

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  1. You guys, I think you may have missed the deeper meaning of this Stargate novelisation. You talked about all this stuff about the Swedish accents coming and going, and then when you mentioned the confusion between possessive apostrophes and plural 's', it totally hit me! This book is a code!

    In Swedish, they don't use an apostrophe to signify a possessive, so "Björn's cat" would be "Björns katte". I reckon if you went through the book and tracked all of the times that they did and didn't use apostrophes correctly, and all the times a character was or wasn't Swedish, it would give you instructions on how to actually find and open the Stargate itself. What do you reckon, guys? Da Stargate Code?